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Your book

You have a wonderful idea or story to tell. With full enthusiasm, you write a book. You've been working on it for months and now you're ready to publish. But how do readers find your book? Often, the marketing aspect of publishing is forgotten. Readers want to know more about the author of a book, or about the book itself. Possessing a professional website is therefore essential. You must emit maturity and prestige. Readers must feel that you are professionally busy. That generates trust.

Be visible on the web

Authors and books was created by a collaboration between publishers and designers who wanted to develop a beneficial formula to bring a professional website within the budget capabilities of each author. Important conditions were that the website fulfilled the specific requirements of an author, was expandable and could easily be maintained by the author.

That is why we have created a formula that meets all these requirements: a professional look, maintenance-friendly and cost-effective.

  • To ensure usability, we use the WordPress engine, but we give the site a classy and professional look. As in WordPress, it gives the author all freedom to manage his website himself.
  • By using a special template, changes can be easily made.
  • By default, we add all pages that are essential to each author.
  • However, specific modules such as galleries and references can be added if desired.
  • If you opt to make your site a subsite of Authors and Books, then there are no hosting fees attached. You will then get an URL as:
  • As an author, you will benefit from facilities provided by Authors and Books; such as traffic generation and promotions. At some times, we put your book and website in the spotlight.

This is an example of an author website:
But, you can also choose to have a book site like this one:

As you can see in our examples, every A&B site has following menu-items:

Home: the first page of your site. On author sites it will be information about the author, on book sites we will put information on your book(s) there. It all depends on how you want to be found. Let me explain. Readers who are interest in Harry Potter will search the internet for Harry Potter, not J.K. Rowling. On the other hand readers who want to know more about the author J.K. Rowling, will search for this.

Why is this important to know? Unless you have your own domain, you can imagine that will be higher ranked when readers search for the Mailboat series. On the other hand, will be higher ranked if you search for the author M.Andrew Cockrell. That is why some authors have both sites.

The second menu item also depends on your choice of website. On author sites it will be Books and on book sites it will be Author.

Events: is a page with a calendar. Here you can add upcoming events like autograph sessions, research trips you plan to make, fairs that might be interesting for your readers or anything else you can think of and has a date.

Blog: contains your blog pages; thoughts you want to share with your readers.

Contact: a page with a contact form. Every entry will be send to your mailbox.

Login: brings you to the administrator login page of WordPress.

Optional you can also have:

Galleries:  If ordered you can also have a “Galleries” section where you can have a picture gallery and or a video gallery. You can use this to place pictures of you and your readers taken at autograph sessions or video’s if you prefer to create some sort of videoblog.

Reviews: On this page you can let your readers give comments about your books.


How do you obtain such a website?

The Authors and Books website is sold by the publishers and service companies which you can find on this site. Contact them and ask  for the Authors and Books website or use form below to ask for more information.

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