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No doubt, writing a story is the most important part of getting it told, but, what about typos, spelling errors, syntax dilemmas, and problems with the overall writing? What about your book cover design and marketing issues, autograph sessions, promotions, your website, …  There’s so much more to it in having your story told, you most certainly could need some help. If you decide to publish your book yourself than you’ll find below some specialized companies who can help you.

You have a story to tell. Worlds to share. Characters to birth. A message to put out there. You have bonds to form with readers you’ve never even met.

I’m here to help you.

I see more than what’s on the page. I see the potential. I see the gem deep under the mountain, just beyond your reach, and put it into your hand.

My services:

  • Book Coaching: Learn how to write a book.
  • Content Editing: Is the skeleton strong?
  • Line Editing: Is the skin beautiful?
  • Proofreading: Are we dressed to impress?
  • Book Formatting: The magic behind-the-scenes.

Send me your first 2,000 words for a professional evaluation. It’s free and there are no obligations!

Welcome to your dreams come true.

~ Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Website: Sapphire Book Editing

With over 10  years  experience  in  graphic  design and multiple  winner  of  numerous  international  design competitions, Marydes offers worldwide an excellent service.

Authors can contact them for all design related magic, including:

  • Book cover design
  • Banner design for social media
  • Designs for promotional material like business cards, bookmarks, tabletop banners, posters, step in, T-shirts and more.
  • Book trailers
  • Websites specially developed for authors
  • And more….

They  are perfectionists  with  an  eye  for  every  detail  and  will  deliver  only  work  if  it  exceeds  expectations.  A  team  of professional  designers, webdeveloper and a marketing specialist is ready to fulfill all your graphical needs with astonishing results.


See how they work on YouTube.


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You are a writer and have a story to tell; but how good is your story written? How are you going to publish it? What about your book cover design and how important is it? How do you distribute your book and what about marketing? What are good events to attend?

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