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You spent a lot of time writing your story and have experienced it’s hard to find a publisher who wants to publish your book. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right publisher that also does not save any effort to promote your book. Below we would like to suggest a few publishers that can help you publish your book.

Your Message. Our Mission.

We love authors. We love you because you turn information into inspiration, audiences into movements, and turn the world upside down. Your idea deserves to be heard. We can help.

Our mission is to empower you, the Christian author. We refuse to see you as a commodity, or your book as just another transaction. We see you as a child of God graced with a message that could change someone’s life, and we treat you as such. This is the Redemption Press way.






Location: Enumclaw, WA, USA

Type of books: religious inspired

Books That Make A Differance

Babypie  and Leon Smith Publishing are dedicated to serving you in getting your message out to the world. We offer a full range of à-la-carte publishing services, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive and effective writing and publishing programs. There is truly something for everyone. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please ask us, and we will make sure that you get what you need.

Whether you’re a transformational author looking for writing and publishing services, or a visionary leader ready to take your life and work to the next level, we look forward to serving you.




Location: Vermont, USA

Type of books: non fiction

We help authors professionally self-publish books using their own publishing imprint.

AuthorImprints differs from other self-publishing services in 5 important ways.

  • We do not sell so-called publishing packages.
  • You own and control your brand, and accounts.
  • You own your files.
  • Keep 100% of your royalties.
  • We never mark-up fees or inflate third-party costs.

For the author or business who is serious about publishing, and looking for professional assistance, contact AuthorImprints.


Location: Carlsbad, CA, USA

Type of books: Almost all

Publish on YOUR terms with Indie Author Publishing Services

Produce high quality eBooks, paperbacks, and/or hardbacks with the freedom and control of an independent, self-published author. Instead of signing over your publishing rights and the lion’s share of royalties to a self-publishing house, work with our team of expert editors, designers, and publishing pros. It doesn’t matter how you publish, traditional or self, if you do it well–we’re here to help you make the best possible first impression on the marketplace while being as independent as you want to be.





Location: USA

Type of books: Almost all


Committed to promoting and developing new talent

Founded in 2003, Liberties Press is Ireland’s leading independent publisher. We publish non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Our titles are available as physical books and ebooks.
Good publishing is a creative endeavour, and the work of many hands: editors, designers, publicists, sales people, distributors and booksellers. It is a complicated and sometimes difficult business, but an important one. This is what motivates us in Liberties to continue to strive for the highest professional standards in everything we do.

In addition to its core publishing programme, Liberties Press produces books to order for – and in association with – companies and private organisations, as well as private individuals. We can produce a book based on a finished manuscript, or develop it from the ideas stage.

Location: Ireland

Type of books: Almost all