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How to make changes to your A&B website.

An Authors & Books website is based on the WordPress engine; therefore, making changes to your website is like making changes to any other WordPress site. Only, we made some things easier.

To make changes you first need to login.
Click Login on your top menu. (1)

You’ll get the normal WordPress login page.

Add your username and password and click the Login button. (2)

If all went well, you’ll be redirected to your Dashboard. This page gives you an overview about the status of your website. The main part is on the left. The sidebar containing all the components from which your site was built.

The most important are:

Posts (3): These are your messages and articles you want to share with your readers. You can add as many as you want and even categorize them and give them tags.

There are many articles and video’s about how to add posts to your site. Here is one that explains it thoroughly:

When you add a new post or page you will see the following button: “Use the Divi Builder”.

We have setup and created your website with the Divi theme and builder. Divi allows pages to be seen as rows and columns which can be filled with any content you like and you can drag and drop them wherever you like. This way it is more easy to create nice pages.

Want to know more about DiviBuilder? Check this out:  Or read this:

Media (4): Here you can add all media you want to use in your website. We have added already some that we used to build your site, but you can add more for your articles.

Pages (5): These are the static pages of your website. In fact most parts of your top menu are pages. If you want to change text on a page, then this is the place to look for.

You have a comment and a project section where you can manage these content. Appearance, Plugins, Users and Tools are parts used to configure your website. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, stay out of this; we’ve done it for you. Messing with these settings can damage your site.

Divi (6): As I told you before, this is the theme we’ve used. In this section, however, is set how your Divi builder needs to work within your site. We have configured this for you so there is no need to make any changes here.   Making changes here can result in unexpected behavior of your site.

Calendar (7): Here you manage your event calendar. We’ve included the free version and have configured it for you. But, you can make changes as you like. Want to know how to use it:

Video and Reviews: If you have ordered a gallery with pictures and/or videos, or a review page where your readers can write their reviews, you will also find a link in this sidebar menu.

All important tasks are explained in other help files on this site.