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How to add pictures to your gallery?

First you need to upload all pictures you want to add to the media library.

Login –>  go to Media (available in your sidebar menu) -> Click Add New. Select your pictures in Windows Explorer and drag them to the drop area on your site.

When this is done click on Pages menu-item (see sidebar). Your page list will open and you can select Pictures (Edit).

The Pictures-page will open. Here you see how our Divi theme will make changes easy. Divi devides your page in rows and columns. To add, remove or changes pictures your need to click on the 3 lines in front of the Gallery row (module).

This will open the Gallery Module Settings window. Click Update Gallery.

You will see your existing picture and can delete the ones you want. To add pictures click the link Add to Gallery.

This will open your media gallery and you can select (by clicking on them) the pictures you want to add.

After you’ve selected your pictures, click the Add to gallery button.

This will add you pictures and brings you back to the Gallery Module Settings. Now you need to click the green Save & Exit button.

Finally don’t forget to click the Update button to make your pictures visible.

If you want to see the results, you can go back to your site when you click View Page link in your top menu.