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How to add a video to my video gallery?

Since the upload size of your website is limited, we don’t save video’s but link to them. So, in order you add your video to your website, you should upload hem first to a video site like TouTube or Vimeo.

This means that you should have an account there.  Once you have your video uploaded and you have the URL to your video, you can add it to your A&B website.

In the sidebar menu, click on Video Gallery. We’re using the free version of this plugin, and you can ignore the message to get the full version.

We have preconfigured the video gallery for you to the best possible results. This way you can concentrate on adding your videos. You will get a list of all video galleries used in your website. Probably it will be only one: Video Gallery. Click on this link.

A gallery page opens and if there are already video’s on your site available, you will get to see them here. You can edit existing video’s or you can click on Add Video for a new one.

A window will open where you need to add all information needed: URL, Title, Description and Url again

Then click Insert

Now your video is added.