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How do I approve or delete reviews?

If you have ordered a review page, your visitors can leave you their comment. On the review page they click on Create your own review and add all information requested.

As soon as they’ve submitted their review, you’ll receive an email requesting your approval.

To do so, click on the Reviews item in the sidebar menu.

The Reviews tab opens and you will see a list with all your available reviews. Notice that some are already published, but the newest are marked as “Last Modified”. These are the reviews you either need to approve or delete.

Click on the one you want to handle.

The Edit customer review window will open and you can change almost everything. You even can add a response if you want.

You also can change publishing date by changing the  Published on – line in the right sidebar.

Click on Publish if you want this review available on your site.

Or Move to Trash if you want to delete this review.

If you want to handle it later, you can set it as Pending.